3D Printing Filament Extruder Machine

Songhu is a professional 3d printing filament extruder machine manufacturer.

  • Over 10 years  filament extruder experience.
  • We service Over 500 filament factory.
  • Our 3d printer filament extrusion line could produce  pla filament,petg filament, wood filament, tpu filament,rainbow filament, transparent pla, clear pla,carbon fiber pla filament, silk filament and other 3D meterial.
If you want to learn 3d printer filament extrusion process, kindly refer to the following filament extruder links. Except normal pla+ filament maker, we also could supply high temperature peek pei ppsu 3d filamet production line. For more information ,just contact us.laugh 
E-mail:wangweiqing@songhu3dprint.com     Whatsapp / Tel :+86 13602373176