Macchina per estrusori di filamenti 3D

Songhu 3D Filament Extrusion Machine Application

Applicazione della macchina per l'estrusione di filamenti 3D Songhu

Brief introduction of Songhu filament extruder For better printing results, Songhu is committed to making the world top 3 d printer filament production line equipment, from the host of the screw design, co

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Applicazione per stampanti 3D

IEMAI Crested Ibis Lower Beak Peek 3D Printer

IEMAI Crested Ibis Lower Beak Peek Stampante 3D

ew months back, at the Crested Ibis Breeding Centre in Muchuan Sichuan, a male crested ibis was injured in a fierce battle for mates, causing necrosis of 8 cm at the tip of the lower beak. After careful preparation for a

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IEMAI Industrial Large Format 3d Printer for  Furniture

IEMAI Stampante 3D industriale di grande formato per mobili

IEMAI Industrial Large Format 3d Printer for  Furniture In the traditional method, the designing of a prototype needs a long time to proceed such as designing, cutting, painting, testing and etcetera. These metho

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IEMAI FGF 1500MM High Speed Industrial Particle 3d Printer For  Automotive

Stampante 3d industriale ad alta velocità della particella di IEMAI FGF 1500MM per il settore automobilistico

Main Information Brand:Scania Printing machine: IEMAI3D FAST-JET-1500 Industrial Particle 3d Printer Printing material: Modified PETG Printing time: 30 Hours Material cost: RMB360 Model size: 131

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 Medical Peek 3D Printer Impant  3D Printing Case

Custodia per stampante 3D Impant per stampante 3D medica Peek

  Before the surgery, the doctor’s team asked IEMAI3D for help. IEMAI3D printed out the replacement prosthesis according to the actual situation. The prosthesis that needed to be replaced was printed by IEMAI

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large volume 3d printer 3D Printing technology modified go kart

stampante 3d per grandi volumi Tecnologia di stampa 3D modificata go kart

YM-NT-1000  large volume 3d printer   3D Printing technology modified go kart If you are a go kart enthusiast, have you ever thought about building your own racing car? Let’s take a look at h

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