Perché i clienti di fascia alta in Europa e in America scelgono spesso Songhu come fornitore di materiali di consumo per la stampa 3D?

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Songhu welcomes customers of Italian 3D printing consumables production line. In just three days, customers from ordering to receiving machine operation training. The whole process was relaxed and pleasant

On December 26, Songhu welcomed the customers of Italian Linea di produzione di fialment per stampanti 3D. In just three days, the customers experienced a series of equipment procurement processes from understanding Songhu, deciding to choose Songhu, and then receiving Songhu related training.

It is reported that the customer has been using 3D printing consumables in the design industry, but it decided to process and produce by itself because of the high price and poor accuracy of consumables.

Before coming to China, the customer conducted a 4-month investigation and screening of Chinese 3D printing consumables equipment manufacturers, had a preliminary understanding of Songhu's professionalism and popularity in the industry, and took Songhu as the first stop to buy equipment in China.

On the 27th, Songhu conducted theoretical knowledge training and on-site practical operation training related to equipment for customers in accordance with the practice. The training contents of Songhu include basic electrical knowledge, equipment structure and principle, equipment operation methods, equipment maintenance and maintenance methods, etc.
                                                                   ï¼ˆCustomers patiently receive training)

No operating experience? Language difficulties? In the opinion of Songhu engineer, this is not a thing. Songhu 3D printing consumables production line is highly intelligent, automatic, easy to use and simple to operate. Under the patient guidance of our engineers, customers can skillfully operate the equipment in half a day.

                             ï¼ˆCarefully adjust the equipment parameters, which is a bit like a professional)

On the morning of the 28th, after finishing the training on equipment cleaning and maintenance methods, the customer Songhu bank was also coming to an end. So far, the customer completed the equipment procurement, training and acceptance in only three days, and the efficiency of Songhu far exceeded the customer's expectations.

At present, 3D printing is still in steady and rapid development, and the demand for 3D printing consumables and corresponding production and processing equipment is still quite hot.

As an old manufacturer of 3D printing consumables equipment, Songhu has greatly shortened the delivery cycle by taking a series of measures to improve customers' purchase experience.

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