Costruisci un ponte di fiducia tra la Cina e l'Europa con lo spirito dell'artigianato professionale

Modello: HB-ADC688

These two customers are from Europe and Spain. They have never visited our Songhu factory. I just heard a friend's introduction: Songhu is reliable. I chose Songhu among many factories.


Thanks to the trust of XXX, a customer from Europe and Spain, who has never visited our Songhu factory . I just listened to a friend's introduction: Songhu is reliable, and chose Songhu among the yunyun factories. From receiving orders to foreign after-sales service, we use China's speed to make foreign customers give a thumbs up

How to quickly digest each order, especially with the nature of R & D, is a challenging task for the machinery factory, which has high requirements for the team's project management! Since the customer's intention, the production center has organized the progress and quality work in all aspects of raw materials, production process, production hardware and after-sales service. All departments have made concerted efforts to complete the order. The combat effectiveness of a team needs to be continuously improved and improved, so as to improve more perfect and faster service for customers!

Since the establishment of Songhu Co., Ltd., the management team has adhered to a service heart integrating precision extrusion equipment and mature technology to provide customers with industry turnkey projects. Because of this, the company's 3D printing consumables production line, precision medical catheter production line and various industrial catheter production lines have been exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, and won various high praise from customers, We are grateful for the strong support and cooperation of all customers and partners. We will go further on the road of growth in the future!

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